The program is focused on teaching foreign citizens.

This course will provide the formation of important professional skills in patient examination, the basics of clinical thinking, as well as medical ethics and deontology. Not having perfectly mastered these main goals of propaedeutic therapy, it is difficult to count on a sufficiently high-quality training of a doctor of any specialty in the senior years. Thus, the propaedeutics of internal diseases is an integral fundamental part of the clinical training of a young specialist. The subject is aimed at: studying the methods of direct examination of the patient (questioning, examination, palpation, percussion, auscultation, measuring blood pressure, studying the properties of the arterial pulse, etc.); study of some methods of laboratory and instrumental diagnostics of diseases of internal organs (general and biochemical blood tests, urine tests, studies of pleural contents, sputum analyzes, stool analyzes, ECG, EchoCG, spirography, etc.); study of the main clinical symptoms and syndromes of diseases of internal organs and the mechanisms of their occurrence; study of the symptomatology of the most common diseases of internal organs, proceeding in a typical classical form; formation of ideas about the basic principles of the diagnostic process (foundations of clinical thinking).